Equine Photoshoots

Equine photoshoots are always fun. There is so much variety between horses and locations that the images always turn out so different! As a horse lover, owner and rider myself who has worked in the industry for many years (riding schools, race track, stud farms and even a riding instructor at a summer camp in New York!) you can rest assured I am coming out to you with horsey knowledge that will help get the most out of your shoot whilst also maintaining the upmost safety for everyone involved especially your furry friend. Now the preparation! The best preparation for an equine photoshoot is to give your best friend a good scrub beforehand! I good wash in the days prior to the shoot and then keeping him rugged until the shoot to make sure he looks beautiful and shiny for the big day! A nice brush over his whole body and a brush of his mane and tail prior to me arriving is also a good idea, after all we want the best photos possible for you to cherish. I can do ridden or portrait style images. If doing a portrait shoot a nice clean bridle always looks great over a dirty old halter, but again we can use whatever gear you would prefer to be visible in the images. Next, location and timing! Early morning and late afternoon are always best for lighting. Unless you have a location that is in full shade then that would be suitable during the day. Also think about background. Some nice trees behind or a big paddock with a view always look great, but a messy stable block not so much! Again have a think about what you would like from the images and what you would like to have hanging on your wall at the end of the shoot! Feel free to message me with any questions or to book. I look forward to hearing from you.